L'Explographe organize small group, nature photography tours.
We are Iceland experts, with a special focus on its unique wildlife.
Allow us to guide you to authentic moments, far away from crowded tourist spots,
and always with total respect for our natural environment.
Arctic fox
Arctic fox

The arctic fox is the only native terrestrial mammal of Iceland. He came on his 4 insulated feet during the last glaciation. Like the red fox he's very discreet but also nosy. Phil, our guide, has been studying the animal for 8 years and knows everything about him.

Atlantic puffin
Atlantic puffin

Three million pairs of Atlantic puffins nest in Iceland each year, and the two biggest colonies are on our way! They are very curious animals, and are always up for posing.

Rock ptarmigan
Rock ptarmigan

The Rock ptarmigan can be found all year round, anywhere in Iceland. However, ptarmigans are able to adapt their plumage to match seasonal color changes in their habitat. This trait makes them unique among birds, but also makes them very hard to spot!

Aurora borealis
Aurora borealis

Northern lights are visible in Iceland from September to March. You just have to pray for the sky to be clear. An old legend says they are created by an arctic fox sweeping its tail in the snow.


Our wildlife photography workshops take place in the Westfjords, the most wild and remote region of Iceland. But some of our Landscapes tours can take you to other areas, like the South in winter or the Northeast at fall.

Arctic tern
Arctic tern

The Arctic tern is the animal who makes the longest migratory trip every year. It spends summer in Northern Atlantic, and winter in Antarctica, always in search of the longest ratio of light.



It took 4 years to Philippe Garcia to shoot all the different moments of the life of the Icelandic arctic fox, in every season in the wildest and harshest conditions. 

The beautiful book "Melrakki" (24x30cm, 80 pages, hardcover, Munken polar rough 170g paper, printed in France) feature a trilingual text (french, english, icelandic) and shows all the life of the most elusive Icelander.

Sold out - let us know if you're interested in a new publication.



Souffles de vie


This book published by french publisher Omniscience in collaboration with co-writer Fabien Zunino is an inventory of the whole Icelandic nature, from wildlife to landscapes, geology or flora.

In a square format (23,5x23,5cm), it features a soft cover and 216 pages printed on 170g paper. 



The latest book of Philippe Garcia is now available. This beautiful book about the Atlantic puffin of Iceland features 120 pages in a 23x23cm format. It features a hard cover and is bilingual (French/English).

Preface is written by Erpur Snær Hansen, the Icelandic specialist of the bird.


Contact us to order it (29 euros +pp)

We compensate 100% of our carbon footprint

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Arctic foxes in winter

Join us to photograph the arctic foxes in February 2022!

We just opened the bookings for our "Arctic foxes in winter fur" tours of 2022. Those are our best-sellers and a unique experience of arctic winter. Don't hesitate in checking the Workshops page right now to book yours!

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